Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Here we go again!
In cities all across America – and the World – young people of this generation are taking to the streets to protest…what?
They seem to have no message.  There is no one thing they are asking for, no one thing that they are mad about, or stand against.  They don’t seem to know what they want.  Kids.
But these are our children. 
We know them.  We love them.  We have raised them and cared for them. They don’t have to tell us what they want. We already know.
They want what we told them they would have.
We said to them, when they were young, “The world is your oyster.  Work hard.  Apply yourself.  Be assertive, but respectful, independent, but co-operative, and we will bequeath to you a future of your own making, one in which you and yours can live well, and be happy.”
Now, they are grown: prepared, focused, ready to take on the future, and make it their own.
But what are we giving them?
They look out on the world that we have built for them, and what do they see?  They listen to that world, and what do they hear?  “The rich get richer.  You get to muddle through. You can be free, but only if you agree. There will be no debate.  There will be no compromise. You have no say.”
It is to this that they are saying “Hey!”. 
They are not alone.  Others are joining in.  From all walks of life.  All expressing the same general sense of dissatisfaction.  Something isn’t right.  This is not how it is supposed to be.

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