Thursday, July 5, 2012

Imperfection and Engagement

Today I filed my application to become an Content Provider to iTunes.  My goal is to publish my writings as iBooks, and my first is ready to go.  It won't make full use of the multimedia capabilities of iBooks, but we have to start somewhere...

It can be agonizing going over the "final, final" before deciding to hit the "publish" button.  There always seems to be a passage or a thought or a sequence that could be made clearer, easier, more complete.  In the end, I took guidance from some words I recall seeing in one of my wife's magazines about art.  It observed that imperfections in a painting are what make it interesting and engage the viewer.

I usually pride myself on being very thorough and complete.  This can be very satisfying, once you are committed.  But maybe leaving things a little less than perfect will better when we are just trying to engage.  It leaves something for the reader to do.